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            Different Types of Colleges
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      I bet you did not know that there are many different types of colleges! The difference between public and private colleges are public schools are funded by local and state governments, and private schools rely mainly on tuition, fees and private sources of funding. For-profit college is a college manly focuses on a specific career, they cost a little more. Four-year colleges are colleges that offer a program for four years that ends up with a bachelor's degree. Two-year colleges are colleges that offer a two year program the ends up to a certificate or an associates degree.  Liberal arts colleges are colleges that mainly focus on literature, history, languages, math, and life science.  Universities are colleges that are often larger and offer more majors and degree options. most universities contain several smaller colleges. Community colleges offer a two-year program the prepares you to transfer to a four-year college. As you can see there are many different types of colleges and there are many more, now is the time to get started thinking about what college you want to attend!!!