Attendance Hotline
Every day

ALL DAY ABSENCES A parent or guardian must call the All Day Absence line at (760) 787-2404 or email Attendance Technician, Traci Middleton at before noon with the following information: • name of student • date of absence • reason for absence (note: if a reason is not given, it will remain unexcused) • name of the person calling • telephone number in the event there are questions

Please Note:

-If the reason given is "Personal Reason" that is an Unexcused absence.

Or En español llamar 760.787.2406

Early Check-out

If you need to check your student out early, please come to the front office with your I.D. card. No student will be checked out until the adult picking up arrives at the front office and provides identification.

For student safety, students are only released early to parents/guardians. If your student is going home with an authorized person on your student's pick-up list, please call ahead to let us know.

Independent Study
Independent Study

The front office needs to be notified 1 WEEK prior to your student being out on an Independent Study. A Contract will need to be:

1-signed by the parent and student

2- approved by the principal

3- teachers notified, all BEFORE your students last day on campus, before the contract date.

Following the student's return, they have 10 school days to submit all work.

While your student is out on Independent Study, please have them complete their school work through Canvas and contact their teachers directly by email with questions.

**If your student will not be able to access Canvas while away, they will need to speak with each teacher, before leaving, to arrange for paperwork.

***Students may also request a HOTSPOT from our Library Technician.

Click HERE for short term Independent Study Contracts.

Email completed forms to Attendance Technician, Traci Middleton at or turn in to the OPMS front office. For more information please call 760-787-2452.