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7th Grade STEM Projects 

over 2 years ago

By Shane Helmich

Click on link to access video clips of project. Most videos are recorded with Mr. Helmich's students. 

Mouse Trap Cars

Students apply their knowledge of physics to construct a car that is powered by a single mouse trap. 

Air Skimmers

Students use precision measuring to construct an air skimmer that skims across the gym floor at high speeds. 

Compressed Air Rockets

Students construct rockets out of paper. If they come up with a aerodynamic design their rocket can travel more than 100 yards. 

Autodesk Inventor

The Auto Cad software my students use to create their prototypes on the computer. Students can convert their prototypes to STL files and 3D print their models. 

Co2 Dragsters. The Final STEM project of the year. Students attempt to construct a blazing fast dragster out of a piece of balsa wood.  Students use a variety of tools such as a dremel,drill press, belt sander, coping saw,and skrolll saw to assist with their build. 

Bridge Testing

Students obtain 100 craft sticks and attempt to construct a bridge that holds 100 pounds. The school record is 250 lbs. 

Dream House Project

Students design their dream house using the software program Autodesk Homestyler. 

Straw Towers

Students construct the tallest tower out of 100 straws. The catch is it has to hold a minimum of 100 pennies. 


Students 1st project of the year consists of building a mini catapult out of craft sticks. The goal is to launch a projectile the furthest distance. 

Autodesk Inventor in action