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Class Times

over 2 years ago




7:50-8:02                      OP TODAY                            12 Minutes

8:02-8:24                      ACE                                         22 Minutes

8:29-9:15                      2nd Period                               46 Minutes

9:20-10:06                    3rd Period                               46 Minutes

10:11-10:57                  4th Period                               46 Minutes

11:02-11:48                  5th Period                               46 Minutes


11:48-12:28                 Lunch                             40 Minutes

12:33-1:19                    6th Period                                46 Minutes

1:24-2:10                      7th Period                                46 Minutes






7:50-8:05                      OP TODAY                             12 Minutes

8:05-8:30                      Literacy Block                         25 Minutes

8:30-8:55                      ACE                                         30 Minutes

9:00-10:20                    1st Block                                  81 Minutes

10:20-10:35                  Nutrition Break                        15 Minutes

 10:40-12:00                 2nd Block                                81 Minutes



11:59-12:44                Lunch / ZAP                            45 Minutes


12:49-2:10                    3rd Block                                 81 Minutes


Rotating Schedule:

Tuesday – Periods ACE/1,2,4,6

Wednesday – Periods ACE/1,3,5,7

Thursday – Periods ACE/1,2,6,4

Friday – ACE/1,3,7,5



Dress for Success

over 2 years ago


Dress for Success Guidelines

The Bulldog Dress Code is designed to ensure students dress for the purpose of learning as a middle school scholar.  Students are expected to dress neatly and wear clothing that follows the standards of common decency and respect.  This means:

- Pants and tops must cover undergarments, chest, and midriff.

- Shorts, skirts, or dresses must be an appropriate length for school (mid thigh). Shorts length must reach to your first knuckle of your index finger or you will be asked to change into PE clothes.

-Clothing may NOT display alcohol/drug/tobacco logos/profane language or sexual innuendoes.

 - Clothing may NOT promote illegal or discriminatory practices/gang affiliation.

- No sunglasses, hats, or hoods may be worn indoors.  Outdoors, hats must be worn as they were intended.

- Wallet chains or any other chains/belts that hang are not permitted (belts must be contained within loops).

- No belts, wristbands, or jewelry with spikes are permitted.

On Picture Days...

-No hats or sunglasses and ensure that your clothing meets Dress for Success Expectations

Students who are not dressed for success will be asked to call home to ask parents to bring appropriate clothing or be asked to change into PE clothes.  If the student does not have PE clothing at school, they may change into "OPMS Loaner" clothing.  Additional items may be added to the dress code throughout the year.  Parents will be notified of any changes through a newsletter or an All-Call.


School Profile

over 2 years ago

Olive Peirce Middle School is a distinguished and distinctive school! We serve over 1100 7th and 8th grade students and are proud to be a true “Community of Learners” where powerful teaching and learning is JOB ONE!


OPMS is a “large group of people who revel in new knowledge and enjoy sharing that knowledge with others…” (OPMS student). Our beliefs and core values parallel our purpose and shared vision. We believe “in a safe and caring environment…in the uniqueness and worth of every human being…in the triangular strength of a collaborative relationship among staff, students, and home…that learning is a lifetime commitment for everyone…that success is a result of risk, creativity, and personal growth.” (OPMS Core Values). A passion for learning and a love of kids “caught in the middle” are strong forces that bind us together.


OPMS is a National Blue Ribbon School (1993) and a California Distinguished School (1994 and 1999). We are proud to be an exemplary and successful middle school worthy of recognition. Students are participatory learners, teachers are courageous innovators, our principal is a visionary leader, and our families and community ardently support us. We continue to create a Community of Learners where we solve problems together, have pride and dignity as educators, and consistently build relationships.


Our unwavering commitment is to do whatever it takes to ensure ALL our adolescents become thinking, productive, caring, and healthy young people.