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OPT/Video Productions

OPT stands for Olive Peirce Today.  OPT is our video productions class, here, at Olive Peirce.  There are about twenty seven eighth grade student in the class.  Every day the students hold a broadcast at the beginning of ACE, where we; say the Pledge of Allegiance, say announcements, play videos that we made, and have guest speakers come on and talk to the whole school.  We have OPT is during out second period class and ACE.  We spend most of our time in class either; filming videos, editing videos, or brainstorming ideas for new videos.  All of the OPT students are specially hand picked by our teacher Mr. Estrada.  Once a year there is a contest called The Ivie Awards!  This is a very exciting event, because if you send your videos to one of their offices, and then it get nominated, you get to go to the Ivie awards!  To look at some of our past Ivie awarded videos click on "Articles" on the front page of the OPT website, and then click on the links to the website that they are on.

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