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Technology/Cell Phone Expectations

Cell Phones/Electronics Expectations

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We live in the age of Technology where information and entertainment is at the touch of a button and communication occurs at lightning speed. While technological devices can be amazing educational tools, they can also be major distractions to the teaching and learning environment. Students at OPMS are allowed to bring tech devices to school, however, they are required to meet school-wide and classroom expectations when it comes to the use of these devices.

In OPMS classrooms, we are asking for your support when it comes to the use of tech devices at school.  


If you could please refrain from texting or calling your child during class times, this would greatly reduce distracting your child from the number one goal in the classroom…learning!!!  Students are free to use their devices before and after school, during nutrition break, at lunch, and during passing periods. You can find our class schedule and times in your child’s OPMS Planner. We are very aware that emergencies do occur, and we understand that sometimes special situations contribute to special circumstances. Should you need to contact your child during class, feel free to call our OPMS front desk at (760)787-2400 and a message can be delivered promptly to your child.


We have outlined and reviewed the following expectations and consequences with our students for the 2014-15 school year.

  • Students should always follow the RUSD Code of Conduct for Technology use on campus.
  • Cell phones/devices should be turned off and put into backpacks for the entire class period. They should NOT be in the student’s lap or pocket, and headphones/earbuds should also be put away.
  • Use of cell phones/devices is restricted to academic purposes only during class time unless otherwise stated by the teacher.
  • Teacher has the right to temporarily confiscate a cell phone/device if the need should arise.
  • Student could earn an N or U if he/she is caught using a cell phone/device in class without the teacher’s permission.


Thank you for your support! Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Brown, at 760-787-2466.


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