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Check your grades on PowerSchool!

over 2 years ago

Check your grades!

Answers to our Most Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. How do I create a Parent Account in PowerSchool?

Go to and click on the blue “Create Account” button. From there,

1.       Type in any Username and Password you would like to use. 

2.      Type in your email address.

3.     Type in the unique Access Code and Access Password provided to you by the school. (See below for information on where to get these codes). This is NOT the same Username and Password provided to students…the Parent Codes are unique and will only need to be used the very first time you set up your account. 

4.      Once you click “Enter,” the system will take you back to the beginning where you can log in with the username and password you provided in Step 1.

Where do I get the access code information to create my Parent Account?

Call our Main Office number at 760-787-2400.  We will direct you to someone who can give you that information.



Email Karen Neuffer to request a PowerSchool ID/ Password letter.

I have a child in high school AND another child at the middle school. How do I link several children’s information to one account? 

Once you have created an account for ONE of your children, it’s easy to link another child. You will need to call the other school site for the Access Code and Password. 

Once you have that, log into your Parent Account and click on “Account Preferences” on the left side of the page. Then, look for the “Students” tab in the center of the page, right underneath the dark blue line. Click the blue “Add+” button and type in the necessary information. Done!

How can I get an email automatically sent to me each day or week about my child’s progress?

 Log into your Parent Account. From there, click on the “Email Notifications” link on the far left side of the page. 

Choose which information you’d like to receive and how often you’d like to receive it. 


Next, confirm which emails you’d like the reports to be sent to…send to as many as you’d like! Then “Submit.”

Where can I go to figure out which assignments my child is missing or has earned has low grades on?

 Log into your Parent Account. The first screen you see is the “Grades and Attendance” page. For each class, you can click on the blue percentage score to see the list of assignments for that class.  Scores, letter grades, and percentages are listed for each assignment.

Whom can I contact if I need more help or have other questions?

 Call the OPMS Main Office at 760-787-2400. We are happy to help you!


TDAP Immunization Information

over 2 years ago

The TDAP immunization is required by the State of California for entrance into 7th grade.

Please see the following documents/sites for more information: 






Technology/Cell Phone Expectations

about 1 year ago

Cell Phones/Electronics Expectations

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We live in the age of Technology where information and entertainment is at the touch of a button and communication occurs at lightning speed. While technological devices can be amazing educational tools, they can also be major distractions to the teaching and learning environment. Students at OPMS are allowed to bring tech devices to school, however, they are required to meet school-wide and classroom expectations when it comes to the use of these devices.

In OPMS classrooms, we are asking for your support when it comes to the use of tech devices at school.  


Please refrain from texting or calling your child during class times.  Students are free to use their devices before and after school, during nutrition break, at lunch, and during passing periods. You can find our class schedule and times in your child’s OPMS Planner. We are very aware that emergencies do occur, and we understand that sometimes special situations contribute to special circumstances. Should you need to contact your child during class, feel free to call our OPMS front desk at (760)787-2400 and a message can be delivered promptly to your child.


We have outlined and reviewed the following expectations and consequences with our students for the school year.

  • Students should always follow the RUSD Code of Conduct for Technology use on campus.
  • Cell phones/devices should be turned off and put into backpacks for the entire class period. They should NOT be in the student’s lap or pocket, and headphones/earbuds should also be put away.
  • Use of cell phones/devices is restricted to academic purposes only during class time unless otherwise stated by the teacher.
  • Teacher has the right to temporarily confiscate a cell phone/device if the need should arise.
  • Student could earn an N or U if he/she is caught using a cell phone/device in class without the teacher’s permission.


Thank you for your support! Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Brown, at 760-787-2466.


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