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over 2 years ago


Zeroes aren't Permitted

It's not a "thing"... It's an ATTITUDE!

OPMS teachers are keenly aware that the first tier of an effective Response to Intervention pyramid is Quality Core Instruction for every student.  We spend a great deal of time ensuring that EVERY student at OPMS has access to a rigorous and engaging curriculum.  We have committed to ensuring that ALL students have the opportunity to master the academic content, no matter how long it takes, how much support or scaffolding is needed, or how many attempts the student needs.

To meet our commitment, we have adopted a schoolwide ZAP Attitude (Zeroes Aren’t Permitted).  This approach ensures that students are aware that we hold them individually accountable for their learning and will accept no excuses for failure.  To this end, we utilize every available minute of the instructional day for learning and work to make time flexible so that students can make sure learning targets are met. 

The ZAP Attitude is never punitive or discouraging; it is, rather, an affirmative mindset that ensures students can and will learn.  With everyone working together, ACE becomes a flexible time where students can work on succeeding in every class.  During this time, students may be retaking a test or working on an assignment they did not complete or just receiving a little extra help in completing an assignment that is due the next day. 


Why Practice is Important   Student-Created Prezi

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over 2 years ago

The PLAN is nothing...The PLANNING is EVERYTHING!