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8th Grade STEM

By Shane Helmich

Vex Kits

Students use Vex components to build various automated projects. 

Robot C

Robot C is the software program students use to program their Vex prototypes. 

Vex Tug of War

Students apply their knowledge of gear ratios and torque to pull their opponent across the finish line. 

Robotic Competition

Students who excel take their building to new heights constructing robots that can compete in various competitions. 

Survival Challenges

Students are given specific futuristic challenges to solve in the year of 2049. 

Pull Toy

Students apply the knowledge of mechanisms to construct a toy that engages two mechanisms at the same time. 

Vex Dragster

Students apply their knowledge of gearing to build the fastest Vex Dragster to race their classmates. 

Rocket Cars

Students construct lightning fast rocket cars that they test on the back tennis courts. 


Students construct life size Siege and Trebuchet catapults out of wood. 

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