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Math 8 classroom!

Today is Friday, May 15, 2015

Name: Karin Yuhl
Voicemail: (760) 787-2429
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Welcome to School Year 2015-2016!  I am looking forward to an exciting year with your child in Math 8.  At Olive Peirce Middle School we have high expectations for all of our students and believe that parent involvement is crucial to a child’s education!


Our Math 8 class is a one-year course as outlined by the California State Standards for Mathematics. By the end of this course, students will have proficiency in: 1) formulating and reasoning about expressions and equations; 2) grasping the concept of a function and using functions to describe quantitative relationships; (3) analyzing two- and three-dimensional space and figures using distance, angle, similarity, and congruence, and understanding and applying the Pythagorean Theorem.

Students will have the following mathematical practices integrated into the above concepts.

1.Making sense of problems and persevering in solving them.

2.Reasoning abstractly and quantitatively.

3.Constructing viable arguments and critiquing the reasoning of others.

4.Modeling with mathematics.

5.Using appropriate tools strategically.

6.Attending to precision.

7.Looking for and making use of structure.

8.Looking for and expressing regularity in repeated reasoning.

At the beginning of each week, students write in their planners the practice opportunities (homework) for the entire week.
Mastering the Standards:
In order for students to achieve mastery of the standards,

it is crucial to study diligently and complete corrections and re-takes, if needed!

·If a student scores below 75% on an assessment, students may do test corrections showing all work.  Once students have done test corrections on their test, they have an opportunity to take another version of the test to receive up to a 75%.  Students can only re-take assessments if they bring in completed corrections.


Absent/Late Work


·Homework (PracticeOpportunity)is essential practice for students and must be complete and turned in on time!

·If a student is absent, they can turn in absent work for up to full credit, if turned in within a week of the absence. Our online grades will show "Ab" and it is computed as a "0" until the assignment is turned in.
·Any and all other late work can be turned in for up to ½ credit.


Class Schedule
  • Period 1/ACE
  • Period2:Math 8
  • Period 3: Gateway to Math 8
  • Period 4:Math 8
  • Period 5: Prep
  • Period 6: Math 8
  • Period 7:Math 8

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