7th Grade World History
Welcome to Seventh Grade World History!
Our horizontal teaching team includes:
Laura Galipeau, 787.2418
Jeff Klauda, 787. 2462
Tyson Knierim, 787.2409
Suggested Supplies:
     1. 3 Ring Notebook with paper- ok to share with other classes
     2.  pens/pencils, markers and colored pencils are a plus
     3.  erasers and hand held pencil sharpeners
     4.  Positive Attitude :)
Why do we study history?

We learn our past to better our future! We learn about civilizations to know from where we've come. We learn about mistakes in the past so we don't repeat them. We learn about people who changed history to become better people ourselves. We study history because we can make a difference!

What will my child study in 7th Grade World History?
The state of California asks students to examine the geographic, political, economic, and religious structures of civilizations during the period 500 B.C. to A.D. 1800. 

What are the units of study for this class?
Fall of the Roman Empire
Empire of Islam
Medieval Europe
Age of Exploration - The Americas (Aztec, Inca, Maya), Medieval Africa, 
Medieval Japan & Medieval China
Scientific Revolution