WEB Groups
In WEB, there are multiple groups that have jobs that impact our campus. Each group is lead by an officer/cabinet member, and has between 5-6 leaders.
Birthdays/New Student & Guest Teacher 
Members- Hailey, Kevin, Mikayla, and Yeimy 
This group is responsible for numerous things around our campus. Every day, they go around campus to deliver cards and a treat to every student who has a birthday on that day- we also sing to them! For teacher birthdays, we create a poster that everyone in WEB, and that teachers class, signs. Another one of our jobs is to lead new students around, and to make sure they feel comfortable on campus. Our final job is that we make cards and go to every guest teacher for the day and make sure we thank them for their hard work.

Campus Project
Members- Brenda, Lizzy, Natalie, Trevor
Campus project is here to better our campus and make it the best it can be. They take everyone's ideas into consideration puts their ideas into action.

Planning Committee