ASB Leaders In Training!

How To Become An ASB Leader!


3.0 or higher. Grades always matter! 

Also, no N's or U's! Citizenship, plays a big role in ASB!

Good attitude. Represent Olive Peirce proudly!

Hardworking. Work to the best of your capability!                          

Each ASB candidate will give a short 30 second speech.

That basically tells why you should be on ASB, and that people should vote for you.

 Students will elect up to 

12 people to be in ASB. 

Bring out your inner personality

Image result for voting pictures
Be unique. Make yourself remembered!

Be creative. Communities always crave new things!

Be yourself. no else can be you!

Get involved with your campus. Make a change. Changes are good!

Stay positive. represent your school in a good way!

Always be helpful. someone will always need help!

All of these things will benefit you later on to be a great leader!

The candidate with the most votes will become ASB president, and the second most votes,

 will be vice president.

How To Get Votes

If you are planning on being in ASB in 8th grade, then you can advertise yourself throughout

the year so your peers are more familiar with you. Actively participating in lunch time activities

and after school recreational events will help too. But if you really want your peers to know

about you and how serious you are about the community, then go on OPT as often as you can

and make an ¨Opt personality¨. An OPT personality is a fun character or attitude you have on 

Opt whenever you go on. Once you have established an OPT personality, you will start to 

see that people will know you from your many appearances you've made from your OPT personality.